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Cold Homes and Cold Hearts

It is 45 degrees right now INSIDE MY APARTMENT. Will I ever feel warm again? Who's to say? (Please be sure to check back in three months and read my complaints about how hot it is.)

Our heater has been broken all winter, and while we have a small electric space heater, it takes about two hours to heat our bedroom, never fully heats our common area, and unlike a gas heater, can't be left on when we're not home.

We do, of course, have blankets and jackets, but at a certain point, they only serve to trap the cold closer to our skin.

When we found out our heater was broken in December and our landlord asked if he could hold off on fixing it until the summer (he's re-doing the building's entire heat/air system in summer and understandably didn't want to pay to fix something that was going to be ripped out in six months), we said sure. We've got blankets and a space heater. It's California! How cold can it get?

Really fucking cold, it turns out.

That's th…

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