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2018 in Review

I was supposed to do this four days ago, but honoring my first resolution, I'm acknowledging that writing this post late doesn't actually matter, declining to beat myself up about it, and moving on.

My 2018 resolutions were:

No more than five drinks per weekDo something creative every dayWake up on timeLimit social media time to 15 min per day Honor the budget!Read 50 booksListen to more musicBe positiveDo more scary stuffHike or dog park the pups once a week I did... fine on some of these, great on a couple, and totally dropped the ball on most of them, which I am okay with.
I started off the year nailing the fewer than five drinks a week thing. That lasted until summer when back to back destination weddings threw a wrench in the works. So I did a dry month in September, which was shockingly easy, then in October I went back to drinking and realized I don't really care that much for alcohol anymore. 
Well, more accurately, I don't care for the way alcohol makes me feel…

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